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Florida is a contiguous state of the United States that is situated in the South part of the country. Florida is the 22nd largest state by territory and the 3rd most by population that is about 21 millions inhabitants. The capital of the state is Tallahassee. Β The largest city is Jacksonville. The Greater Miami Area or South Florida is the most tourist and famous spot of the Florida state. It is also known for big night parties and great beaches. This state has another name that is mostly used by local people – The Sunshine State, as there is sunny and warm weather all year round.

The minimum drinking age in Florida is the same as in all 50 states that is 21 years old to comply with the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. There are so many night opportunities to have a great party especially during Spring Break, when a lot of students and tourists come to the Florida beaches to have a good time there. It sounds so unfair for local underage youngsters. On the other hand, these holidays have consequences in the form of many drunk teenagers, that forces the government to set more restrictions and make the drinking law even more stringent.

Most of our customers are 16-17-year-old teenagers and 1st or 2nd year students under 21 years old. They are ready to be adults. They want to be allowed going, drinking alcohol and meeting age friends. Freshmen and sophomores can be called losers if they can’t join the night party organized by senior students. Therefore, they visit our website with a view to ordering fake ID. We provide underage young people with not only fake ID card, but also with the opportunity to be able to join their adult friends. Our fake IDs give access to the nightlife, including nightclubs, beer bars, pubs, strip joints, go-go dance places, etc. Our clients can purchase alcohol both in supermarkets and in bars. Also, keep in mind that the quality of the card is more than important, as club bouncers and shop assistants will ask for your ID before selling you alcohol or letting you in. That is why, we recommend buying fake IDS only on trusted sites. IDGOD is one of them, as we have a lot of positive customer reviews that you can find on our website. In addition, we guarantee top quality and highly secure fake IDs that are scannable and reliable for every customer.

Florida is a large state that has a lot of sights and party places. It is a capital of the nightlife in the South of the United States. Hip-hop singers and music bands create the atmosphere of fun and joy throughout the state. Key West is the most popular party town among others. It is full of clubs and bars for having fun. If you are going to Florida to spend some nights there, do not miss a chance to visit The Green Room and Tipsy Rooster Liquor Store and Bar out there. Both bars are must-have to visit night party places. The liquor and other kinds of alcohol are pouring out and bartenders are dancing on the bar rack. Have fun and enjoy with them there by using fake ID of Id God. Good luck!


The Green RoomΒ Β Β 


501 Greene St, Key West, FL 33040-6622


Working hours:

Sun – Sat 7:00 PM – 5:00 AM

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  1. m1am1

    it’s the best fake FL ID i have ever put my hands on and i’d never send any of my friends or family to any other vendor. there should be no hesitation to purchasing from them. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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