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I wanna say only nice words about idgod’s website. Ive got my first fake id from them, it worked great for me. I went for holidays to Hawaii with my best friends. We had a whale of a time there..we were dancing, drinking and having fun everywhere. the most unforgettable olace was on the dope beach.it was amazing trip thanks to my fake IDs. Good luck guys!

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Hawaii is a 50th state of the United States that is placed in Oceania. This is a group of islands that are located outside of the North America continent. Hawaii is considered to be the popular tourist destination for Americans and guests of other countries. There are a lot of brilliant beaches and resorts. Tropical climate and summer around all year round attract people from all over the world. This state is also known for its awesome night parties that many youngsters come to have a party on hot beaches under the stars. The capital of the state and the largest city is Honolulu. Many students live and study here, so there are plenty of bars and clubs for them in this city. Locals call this state Paradise of the Pacific, as their life seems so happy and easy.


The minimum drinking age is 21, as everywhere in the U.S. Consumption and purchase of alcohol by the underage youth are strictly prohibited throughout the country. However, young people over the age of 18 are allowed to work as a bartender or to be a sales manager in the liquor store. It looks quite unfair to young people, who want to be free and do whatever they want to. It is unfair that they can drive car, participate in the vote, and even can get paid at work, but they are outlawed to drink alcohol and go out until the age of 21.


IDGOD gives a new chance to minors who are ready to open adult life and become its participant. With our fake IDs, all underage teens will have access to nightlife. You can go and have a party anywhere using our fake documents. Nightclubs, cocktail bars, strip joints, dance bars or liquor stores are open to you in case either you are at a legal age or you have a fake ID where you are over 21. Also, you can purchase alcohol in any supermarket or beer shop to take away. Club bouncers and store managers will ask you for ID for sure before giving you what you ask for, but if you have our fake document, they will not have questions to you. Our former clients recommend our agency to their friends; we are pretty well-known fake ID website in Hawaii. We produce high-quality and well-protected fake ID cards that can be scanned everywhere in Hawaii. Hawaii ID is a bestseller among other state IDs. Positive results were concluded in 95 out of 100 cases.


The most famous places for party in Hawaii are Honolulu and Koloa. The capital of the state attracts young people by lots of drinking bars. Blue Note Hawaii and Keoki’s Paradise are among others. The first one is well-known for Best Live Music concerts and wonderful alcoholic cocktails. The second one is a restaurant that serves good food with fresh beverages. There are a lot of night-party places close to the beaches. During the summer holidays, thousands of young people come to have a party out there. If you want to be one of them and attend the most memorable party of your life, feel free to order your first Hawaii fake ID here.


Blue Note Hawaii


2335 Kalakaua Ave, 96815, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96815-2941


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Sun – Sat 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

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    definitely better than mclovin ID lol

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