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I’ve got a fake id of them.. Good stuff. There is one exception as well,  they didn’t print my name correctly like my name is Timur.. They wrote it down as Timir . that was really I dont like but anyway the card is scannable and works good. Bouncers dont have any questions. Highly recommended.

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Montana is an American state that is located in the North-West of the country. The locals gave this state some nicknames like “Big Sky Country”, “The Treasure State”, and “The Last Best Place”. The slogan of the state is “Land of the Shining Mountains”. The capital of Montana is Helena, the largest city is Billings.

The alcohol law of the state allows only age young people to consume and purchase alcoholic beverages. The legal age is 21 years old. Thus, young people who are under 21 are not available to obtain alcohol. However, there are a few exceptions made for religious and medical reasons.  Going to spots of the nightlife is also strictly prohibited by law, as all these places serve alcohol. Young people entering the university and colleges are affected by the legal alcohol restriction, as they cannot lead a normal life that includes night parties as well. The student community may not accept them properly if they don’t go out with friends. Of course, not all freshmen face these difficulties, but anyway, the underage mature youth are not comfortable to be limited in these sorts of actions such as consumption and possession of alcohol, as well as going out.

Our company IDGod cares about the youth of Montana, therefore we produce quality Fake IDs. This is a great solution for all underage youngsters. They can use a fake ID instead of a real ID to buy alcohol or to get into a nightclub. Our customers give us only positive feedback as we provide them with top-quality and 100% scannable IDs. There will be made only a few changes related to the date of birth and ID number. We make the original copies of Montana local identity card. This fake identity card will open all the doors to modern underage youth. They will get more freedom, according to alcohol drinking and going out. Nightclubs, beer bars, strip joints, go-go parties, drinking tours are happy to welcome you with fake ID. Bouncers, bartenders and sales managers will let you in and sell any alcoholic drink in case you come over.

Montana is quite large state; there are many big cities where young people live, study and work.  Most of the local youth prefer going out on weekends. Therefore, such cities like Butte, Kalispell, and Livingston are always glad to see newcomers and guests of the state. The most popular bar in Butte is Escapology Butte that is full of different activates like escape games, private parties, drinking parties, dancing time. If you haven’t been there yet, take your fake ID out here and go ahead!



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