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NC Review

Shipping: 7 days >> Support: ve got reply in12 hours >> Template: looks like real North Carolina ID that is good >> Photoshop: well-done, I coud do the same I guess haha >> Holograms/OVI: are accepted >> Scan: id was scannable in every place. The total score is 8 out of 10. IDGod is good website for taking fake ID out there.

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North Carolina is a state of the United States in the South-East of the continent. This state is the 28th largest by area and 9th largest by population. The state capital is Raleigh. The biggest city is Charlotte. The official motto of the state says: โ€œTo be, rather than to seemโ€. The official nickname is โ€œOld North Stateโ€. There is a lot of young population in New Carolina. Therefore, North Carolina is full of the nightlife in different cities, where young people can hang out together.

The age of majority for American people is 21, after that they are allowed to drink and purchase alcohol. The minimum drinking age was established in 1984 by the U.S. government as a result of certain events. Underage consumption and possession is illegal and prohibited. Minors who break the law can be fined or even arrested. Young people under 21 are not allowed to go out as well, according to the same law. The reason is that all the spots of nightlife are served alcohol. Therefore, minors should make up different activities when their older friends hang out at a bar. This is hard for the todayโ€™s youth. By the way, there are some allowances when underage youngsters are able to take some alcohol; the list of exceptions includes religious, medical and educational purposes.

ID God offers a wide range of fake IDs that are aimed to let underage young people become independent of the state laws and regulations. If they feel like they are ready to drink alcohol and go out, they can order fake IDs on our website right now. It is a good opportunity for all young people who cannot stand to these severe alcohol restrictions. Our customers are highly satisfied with the fake IDs made by our experts. Our wonderful team manufactures fake identity cards with multiple layers of protection, all the necessary security elements and high quality. Our fake IDs are original copies. They look exactly the same as the real IDs of New Carolina.

The local youth like going out on weekends. Using our New Carolina fake IDs, they are able to get into any night place, including bars, nightclubs, strip clubs, drinking tours, casinos, etc. Besides, they can freely go the nearest supermarket to buy alcohol drinks home. The most famous place of Charlotte where young people go every Saturday is Queen City Rides that is drinking tour. Young girls and boys meet up at specified location and start walking from there through the city by visiting several bars on the way. Sounds awesome, doesnโ€™t it? If you want to join this dope party, you have to get your fake ID first!

Queen City Rides

Location: 201 E 5th St, Corner 5th and college street, Charlotte, NC 28202-2407
Working hours: Sun โ€“ Sat 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


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