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  • All the necessary security elements: Scannable 1D and 2D Barcodes, 2D holograms and magnetic stripe
  • Color shifting ink (OVI INK) + Ultraviolet ink (UV INK)
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OH Review

Level: High (Comparing with scans and barcodes)
Communication: [8/10]
ff is pretty good with getting back to emails, replied in 12 hours

Cost: [10/10]
affordable price..compare to other stores
Shipping: [8/10]
within 2 weeks as I’ve expected
Template: [8/10]

IDGod – their fake id is pretty damn good. I scanned in the ID at 4800 DPI.
Photoshop: [8/10]
it is for the DMV as ear shadows are good though and the MA photo box is pretty wide and it’s obvious that the image was stretched a bit to fit this.
Holograms/OVI: [5/10]
Ok so there really isn’t any holograms or OVI
Scanning: [8/10] Scans quick on BCS and Scannr
Conclusion: [7/10] summing up fake id of IDGod is a really solid ID.

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Ohio is one of the 50 states of the USA. Ohio is located in the Middle west of the continent, in the Great Lakes region. It is the 34th most extensive and the 7th most populated. The capital and the most popular city of Ohio is Columbus. The state’s name was given due to the Ohio River. There are several nicknames of the state, such as “The Buckeye State” and “The Heart of it All”. The official state motto is: “With God, all things are possible”, that was taken from the Bible.

The National Minimum Drinking Age Act established the age of 21, as the age that legally allows young people to start consuming and purchasing alcohol. This is quite harsh restriction for the modern youth. They are also prohibited to visit the nightlife places, as all these spots serve alcohol. So, underage guys younger 21 are not able to get into any night place on only purpose to meet friends with no having alcohol. That is ridiculous. The government of the U.S. doesn’t care about the views of young people. Students of the state suffer much more than others, since they need to take part in the student life if they want to become a part of the university community. However, they cannot afford to go to any party that takes place with alcohol.

Our company gives the great opportunity for such awkward situations. We offer a wide range of fake IDs. Using of a fake ID is the best solution to become an eligible to visit the night parties. You and your friends will get not only a new ID with the legal age on it, but full access to the nightlife as well, including nightclubs, beer tours, drinking parties, strip joints, liquor stores, etc. You will be able to buy alcohol everywhere and get into any place that is not accessible to minors. IDGod make only 100%-quality and scannable identity cards that contain all personal data plus some modifications due to date of birth and ID number. Fake IDs of our company work 95%. Our customers are completely satisfied with our products; they advise their friends to order fake IDs only here.

Ohio ID takes you and your friends to the new world of adult life, where you can do anything with no restrictions and regulations. Nevertheless, you should be careful and use a fake ID only for certain purposes. Do not use it to take a bank loan or buy a car. It will lead to the severe penalty. You have to exploit a fake identity card in non-official places. There are a lot of night spots in Ohio, where you are allowed to use your fake IDs in order to get into these places. Cleveland is the most party city in the state. Have you ever been to Cleveland Brew Bus? This event is known to be the best craft brewery tasting tour. Would you like to join?


Cleveland Brew Bus

Location: Cleveland, Ohio OH
Working hours: Thursday – Sunday 6:00 PM – 2:AM

2 reviews for Ohio Fake ID

  1. jayyyyyyy

    For the value, this Ohio is very solid for instate use (and midwest). Paired with a good secondary I’ve yet to have any issues and don’t foresee any as of right now. 9/10!

  2. Jackson (verified owner)

    Hi I believe that I made an error with my ID that is being processed. My order is 9717. The year it is supposed to say is 1998 and not 1999. Is there there any way that can get changed?

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