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I came across some errors:

IDGod fake ids are needed to tone down the quality and fix the sizing. Also, I donโ€™t agree with quality, they need to modify the ear shadows that are always nonexistent. Overall, the cards are passable and scannable!

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Rhode Island is a state in the New England region of the USA. The official and full name of this state is the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. This state is considered the smallest state by territory and the 7th least by population. The capital city and the largest one at the same time is Providence. The locals gave a nickname of this state that is โ€œThe Ocean Stateโ€. The motto of the state is quite short and meaningful, that is: โ€œHopeโ€.

The legal age of majority for young people is considered to be at 21. When youngsters turn 21, they become officially adults. This means that young people from the age of 21 can begin to lead a full life, including consumption, possession, and purchase of alcohol. But the underage youth are under 21 are not allowed taking alcohol in any form. The National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 set these alcohol restrictions and established the legal age. All 50 states of the USA accepted these terms. There are a few allowances when underage young people are able to consume some alcohol, but they are not associated with the prohibition of nightlife and regular drinking. Anyway, minors are restricted by this law, because they are unable to attend the birthdays of friends of friends and student drinking meetings due to this Act. They have to be 21 in order to get into any public place where alcohol is served.

These limits are not suitable for active and ambitious young people. They want to be independent and become free at the age of 17 to 21. They want to get closer to this world, discover everything around and meet new people. But all it seems quite unattainable, when they are closed in their age cage. ID God has a great solution! We produce fake IDs that can give everyone an opportunity to get through these legal constraints. Our fake ID cards are 100% scannable, well-protected and absolutely secure. Our underage customers are allowed going out, visiting all nightlife places, buying alcohol in any store around. However, you should remember to be careful with using a fake ID, take it only for nightlife spots, regular supermarkets and stores. It is not safe to use it in official places.

The most popular and visited city in Rhode Island is Providence. Thus, there are lots of party venues. The age and the underage youth like being there from Friday night to Sunday morning. If you want to have fun in Rhode Island, you need to go to the Cigar Masterโ€™s Providence bar. This bar offers a huge selection of good drinks and several TV screens for watching favorite games. Enjoy your legal age with IDGod IDs!

Cigar Masters Providence

Location: 1 W Exchange St, Providence, RI 02903-1064
Working hours: Sun 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM Mon โ€“ Sat 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM



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