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South Carolina ID

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Hi sweathearts! Wanna share my experience with having fake id of IDGod. I ordered my first fake card 2 months ago on thi website. The dilevire arrived in 3 weekds or so…quite long way. I’ve expected earlier, I needed it.But, anyway. The quality of the card was really nice. I don’t know how it should look like but I liked my card. Then I went to check it to thenearby store. I’ve got my first beer can easily but I guess the shopkeeper was a little shocked.haha. So, the fake card works! That’s why I can say IDGod makes good stuff!good luck, sweeties.

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South Carolina is a state located in the South-East of the United States. This state is the 40th largest by area. Its population is about 5 million inhabitants; this state is the 23rd by population. The capital city is Columbia; the largest city is Charleston. The motto of the state is: “While I Breathe I Hope”. South Carolina is known worldwide for its huge coastline that is about 190 miles.

The minimum drinking age in South Carolina is 21. The public consumption and purchase of alcohol is prohibited under the U.S. law for young people who are less than 21 years old. All the youth of South Carolina under the age of 21 will be punished with a penalty or arrest in case they possess or buy alcohol anywhere. Underage youngsters are aware of these state regulations and have to follow them. There is a small possibility when minors can be allowed drinking alcohol. The alcohol law has a few exceptions that vary from one state to another. South Carolina allows the youth under 21 to take alcohol for religious and medical reasons, with having parents’ permission, and for government work-related purposes.

In any case, the underage youth of South Carolina are forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages with friends on weekends or in a pretty good bar with groupmates. They need more freedom; they do not want to be locked up under tough state regulations from the time they turn 18. Minors of the U.S. are not allowed going out, i.e. visiting nightlife of the state. The reason of this prohibition is that all the night places serve alcohol-containing drinks, that all these night spots are considered the places where everyone can obtain alcohol easily.

Our company is aimed at getting free access to alcohol and nightlife for the underage youth. South Carolina ID gives you an opportunity to become available to go out and purchase alcohol. Your fake ID card will be of the legal age of majority or over 21. A fake ID is a good way to get into any nightclub, bar, strip club, dance place, or cocktail bar. Our customers are free to choose. They can consume, obtain and posses alcohol with no legal restrictions. Fake IDs made by IDGod are 100% scannable, provided with security features and highly protected. They work 97%. Our former and current clients are happy to use fake IDs every weekend for going to a party.

Charleston and Columbia are the most popular cities among the youth of the state. These cities are full of wonderful night party places, as South Carolina has lots of young people. Also, there are a lot of party events for the most active part of the youth. For example, Charleston city offers a Charleston Brews Cruise tour that is supposed to bring visitors together and then show them all the best local craft breweries of the city. The Charleston’s flourishing craft beer is highly worth to taste! There are also many beach parties that are crowded, especially during student holidays. Join and enjoy!

Charleston Brews Cruise

Location: Charleston, SC

Working hours:
Mon – Fri2:00 PM – 5:30 PM Sat1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

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    We are all happy with the IDs and dupes, we ended making a solid decision or where to get such a large order for resell 😀

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