Buy Bitcoin Guide

Bitcoin ATM Map

This complete guide has been written to simplify the ordering process for our customers who want to purchase fake IDs from our web store. First of all, choose a more suitable state for your fake ID card. The next important step is to fill in the order form with your personal data. We print these specific data on your future fake card. You must then provide us with a photo for the documents by uploading it next to the form. In addition, we need a photo or scan of your signature, which you must write on a white sheet of paper. Give us links to the relevant photo fields and captions. Now you need to click on the “Add to cart” button.

Then in Cart select your delivery method and click “Proceed to checkout”…

Please Note:

We only offer fake ID services that require maximum discretion. According to the nature of our business, we only accept Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies. We can’t use the more popular methods such as Paypal.

Cryptocurrency methods are considered to be the most secure, as they are safe for both parties. In addition, this payment option is the fastest way to complete the payment! Only the crypto method is always available on our site, compared to other acceptable methods. Our customers can view all valid payment options on the checkout page. Moreover, all orders placed via Bitcoin or Litecoin will be automatically executed upon receipt of payment.

How to Pay With Bitcoin and Litecoin

The cryptocurrency payment method keeps your financial data safe. By choosing this payment method, you will also move to other processes more quickly. Look at the pictures below to choose the right option and pay with Bitcoins or Litecoin. First, go to the checkout page and select β€œPlace Order”.

The next step you need to send a certain amount of BTC to the address that was given to you when placing the order. We provide each of our clients, who are going to pay with cryptocurrency, with a unique bitcoin address that applies exclusively to each order. Then our special script will receive and check all incoming transactions and execute the corresponding orders. Once this is as we mentioned above, the orders will be updated automatically and redirected to the production process.

When you pay for your order bitcoin payment method, we guarantee the execution of the order as soon as possible without delay and pauses! You can also check the status of your BTC transaction on the Blockchain explorer website at any time using your personal wallet address. Bitcoin is a new generation currency with better conditions for a better life!

Note: check your Bitcoin account before making a payment if there is enough money. Otherwise, the payment window countdown may expire and our managers will have to confirm your payment status manually. In a nutshell, first check your bitcoin account and then proceed to complete the payment