Nothing can stop IDGod’s IDs

Our company has started producing fake ID cards since 2011. As a result, we have a well-experienced team of specialists who can make an original copy of identity documents. We strictly follow the specific instructions that have been written by our managers to provide fake IDs with all the necessary fine details.

There are some important details that we have in our fake IDs. Barcodes, holograms, raised text are among others.

The barcode of the identifier is an integral part of it. The barcode looks like a scanned code that contains code information about the person. This element allows you to detect and identify a person by scanning it through a special machine. Fake ID cards also contain barcodes. Our company has all the necessary tools and equipment to make scannable barcodes. However, our customers should not use fake IDs with any official transactions and in public places.

The next important element is the hologram. Usually a hologram is an encoded part. Our employees put it on the cards with a special laser. This component also proves the authenticity of identity documents. The bouncers in the clubs and various services always check the presence of a hologram. In addition, the proof that all our fake ID cards with texts and stamps are of high quality is the fact that we arrange all the elements in the same way as on the real ID, using the same type of text with the real personal information of the client, but we change the date of birth and the ID number. Moreover, we usually recommend our buyers to make a fake ID not of the state where they are going to use it. Local security personnel are good at knowing the local identity cards that help them recognize a fake at first glance.

We protect our fake cards with multiple levels of security, just like for real ID cards. Skilled workers use only top-of-the-line equipment and digital cutting-edge devices to put all the layers of the protection. We are proven company that offers only reliable and secure products.