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What is the best state to get a fake ID?

Teens often need to get fake IDs to buy some alcohol or weed. Unfortunately, this problem is quite widespread around the nation, and many teens go through it. And it is clear, because this is hard period of life for a teenager. Underage teens are going to take their final exams, and their life experience is not enough to correctly understand how relationships between people work in this age. Therefore, they may encounter situations in which they have to go beyond the law. Their adult friends can already boast about spending time at noisy parties with alcoholic drinks and demonstrate this side of life in social networks. It pushes youngsters to search for answers to the question: “How to get a fake identity card and what state should be chosen for this purpose?”

Choosing a neighboring state

The easiest way is to get a fake ID of the neighboring state. If you decide to get a fake ID of your current state, then an experienced bouncer will easily and quickly find out all the issues of your fake document, and your fraud can be revealed. Let’s imagine that you live in Arkansas. Then you should preferably get a fake ID of Missouri or Louisiana. The chance of success in this case will increase significantly, because getting a fake ID from those states is quite unproblematic. There is a stereotype, that most of out of state IDs are fakes and people should avoid even touching them. But this is far from being truth. It turns out, that most of the bouncers can hardly find the difference between real identity card and a fake out of state document.

Choosing a state with applicable law

Teenagers are also eager to find the answer to another interesting question – if fake ID can be used at a dispensary? The answer to this question is positive and it works well in such cases as well. The most popular states for obtaining a fake ID for such purpose are the states where the law on the legalization of marijuana has already entered into force, for example, Colorado or Washington state. The risk of using fake ID in this situation is not higher than buying alcohol in a store or bar. They have little profit from this business due to hard tax levies. Therefore, they are glad for every opportunity to earn an extra dollar.