1. Personal Data Safety

Our company promises to keep all your personal data safe. Our customers can be fully assured of providing us with personal information by filling out the order form. We guarantee not to share our clients personal information with third parties. Moreover, all the information of a particular person will be permanently erased, as soon as a certain order is completed. Don’t worry; we treat your ID as a personal matter between you and our company. We never disclose personal data or financial data of our clients to third parties or other organizations. We store and process information with great care and high level of security. We promise to minimize any possible information leakage in accordance with these privacy terms.

2. Payment methods

Our company provides security and complete confidentiality of all payment methods. Any payment method will be protected throughout the process and then all financial data will be deleted shortly after the order is completed.

3. Refund policy

Our company states that all orders are considered non-refundable under any circumstances without any performance. We never refund payment for placed orders. In case the fake ID is delivered with any defects, inaccuracies or lack of security features, we will make a new card and send it again. This reprint and resend process will not cost you any additional fee.

4. Age requirements

Our company carries out orders only for young people under the age of 23 years. We should warn you that all users over 23 years old or only those who look definitely older will be rejected with orders and without any refunds.

5. Website logs

Our company reserves the right to register all users  IP addresses, browsers and computer system information. The main purpose of these measures is to prevent possible counterfeit orders or other problematic requests. We will keep records and information for 1 month under high security. After the first month, we actually delete all this information, except in special cases that require saving it longer.  Erased information cannot be recovered.