If you are going to purchase a high-end fake ID, you must be sure that the photo is taken well. Otherwise, your fake ID will be spoiled!

the example of a bad shot for Fake ID

Making a perfect photo is quite difficult, as in almost any case you will have to make some edits. Sometimes even good editing in photoshop is not enough to remove defects in the photo, for example, some shades or blurs. The image of the fake ID must be clear and spotless. So I will give you some tips for your perfect ID.

Read the following recommendations how to make perfect photo for fake ID:

First of all, take your real ID card and put it in front of you as you need to see the perfect sample. It will help you make your fake ID picture more realistic when you see the result you want to get.

Pay special attention to the following important details in order to get a well-made photo for fake ID:

1. Take a picture with all the necessary requirements that is, with a flash and high resolution. The photo on the fake ID must look exactly like the photo on the original; it must be of the same quality and have all the small details placed in the same spots. Remember that it is unacceptable to use selfies or other low-quality images at fake documents. Only high-quality pictures taken under certain conditions can be used. You need to keep your head straight, do not move and do not swing it even for a second. You can only take a very light smile with a serious look.

2. For the best picture you need to use clean light and preferably white background. There are several ways to make real backgrounds with light poster boards or use one created in photoshop. I personally don’t advise you to choose the photoshop method as the real backgrounds look really authentic. Do not use textured, wrinkled, blurred, and bright backgrounds.

3. Prepare your appearance before the photo, which should be neat and tidy. Don’t wear a hat or glasses. Also heavy bright makeup can spoil the whole picture. As for clothes, it is better to wear contrasting clothes; it is worth wearing light strict clothes if you are photographed on a dark background or vice versa. Don’t choose bright colors.

A fake ID photo is also important as a photo for a real ID. Therefore, you need to follow all my recommendations before taking a picture. At the end you will get a professional and high-quality photo.

We want to warn you that we usually process orders with low quality photos with delay as it requires more time for editing or photoshopped. Also, you may need to pay for it an additional fee.