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VT Review

Hello everyone. Short review for all underage buddies!
The ordering process got fast and secure, I paid by BTC.
The delivery arrived in 10 days, for free.
The quality is good, I am not an expert, but the look is pretty realistic. Btw Im from Virginia, but Vermont ID is different. Anyway, I can freely use my new fake ID card across the Virginia and other state as well.So, summing up, this fake is relly good! IDGod ids are recommended.

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Vermont is a state of the United States in the New England, in the North-East of the country. It is the 2nd smallest by population and the 6th smallest by territory size. Montpelier is the capital city; Burlington is the largest city in Vermont. Vermont is a leader in the production of the maple syrup in the USA. The motto of the state is: “Freedom and Unity”. It seems like the state policy is quite liberal, is it really so?

According to the Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, the legal age of majority was established at 21 years old for young people. American youngsters are allowed to drink and purchase alcohol from this legal age of 21. This means that minors under 21 are prohibited to take alcohol and go to night places, where alcohol is served. The underage youth of Vermont don’t accept these strict legal regulations, looking for some ways to avoid them. There are several options to go through this alcohol law. The first method is to make a fake ID at home, using local available materials. This path is supposed to be not reliable and effective, as homemade fake cards will probably not pass under special test equipment that bouncers and store managers use to confirm identity. Another way is to take an ID card of older siblings or friends. This method is also unsafe. If security officers detect the use of someone else’s ID, the person who holds it will be fined or punished another way.

Our company offers the safest and easiest way to get quality and scannable fake ID. IDGOD produces personal fake IDs for underage young people. It takes a total about 2 weeks to manufacture a done fake ID: from the ordering moment to the end of delivery. Our fake IDs are equipped with all security elements made at special high-tech facilities, high quality made with our own technology and the authentic look.  Our customers use Vermont IDs everywhere throughout the Unites States. A good and workable fake ID is the best method to get rid of the government limitations.

If you are going to Vermont for having a party or meeting with the friends, you’d better go to Burlington. As Burlington is the largest city full of night party spots. At the heart of Vermont’s vibrant nightlife are the Nectar’s and the Archives bars. Both of them are located in the downtown of VT. The Archives is known for its drinking games and different entertainments during all the weekends. Also, there is a large selection of vintage arcade games and an exciting menu of craft beer. Do not forget to take a fake ID if you want to get into one of these bars. Otherwise, the bouncers won’t you let in, and bartenders won’t sell you any alcoholic beverage. Good luck!

The Archives

Location: 191 College St, Burlington, VT 05401-8304

Working hours:

Mon – Fri4:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Sat – Sun12:00 PM – 2:00 AM


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