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I’d like to say that Maine ID from IDG is quite good but I’ve discovered a few small issues. There were some blurred letters in my name..the bouncers actually do not look up so crealy but anyway it makes me be confused all the time. Also, the barcode looks pretty weird to is a bit different from the original thing, but anyway it works. So, summing up, I could say this cimoany is reliable guys but they quality of the card is not perfect, anyway ot works and I will jot order anither one, I m goin use this one

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Maine is an American state in the New England region that is located in the North-East of the United States. This state is 9th least by population and 12th smallest by territory. The capital of the Maine is Augusta. The largest and most popular city among guests and tourists is Portland. All state universities are locates in Portland, and all young people come to get education out there. The motto of the city is “I lead”. The official nickname that the locals have come up with for the state is “Vacationland” that sounds attractive, doesn’t it?


The minimum drinking age in Maine is currently 21. The state alcohol law allows only young people at 21 years old or over 21 to drink and buy alcoholic beverages. Youngsters under the age of 21 are prohibited doing any actions related to alcohol, including the consumption and purchase of it. However, there are a few small exceptions that say that underage young people are able to take alcohol with parental permission being in private place. The United States is strongly committed to preventing young people from getting drunk before they will graduate and turn 21. It seems like punishing the modern youth for the sins of the past generation. Anyway, we know the perfect way to avoid these circumstances and lead a free lifestyle with nightlife and alcoholic drinks.


IDgod is a company that produces quality fake identification documents mostly for underage young people. Our customers are youngsters who want to change their lives and become free to choose. They order their first fake ID here on our website as they trust us. We have proven that our fake IDs are worth-to-paying for stuff. We make only scannable and protected Maine IDs that work 95 cases out of 100, as there are small errors can be faced even with real thing. Our authentic fake IDs have helped out thousands of underage minors get into nightclubs and obtain alcoholic drinks across the state.


Portland is the most popular city among the young generation. Students, minors, school kids and office clerks – all come to Portland to spend the weekend or have fun together. There are plenty night party places, including beer bars, nightclubs, strip bars, liquor stores, whatever you like. The most famous places for parties are Bubba’s Sulky Lounge, Aura, Gritty McDuff’s, Nosh Kitchen Bar, where you are able take a great food,  drinks spirits, dance and have fun. IdGod gives you a chance to successfully get into adulthood, do not miss it!


Gritty McDuff’s


396 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101-4026


Working hours:

Sun – Sat11:00 AM – 1:00 AM



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