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Thank you, freedom fakes guys! I’ve got my fake ID in a week after payment. I have used it a lot of times already..all the night places are welcome to me! They do not see any suspicious, but I actually use Oregon ID in my homeland, in LA. It’s okey, they don’t now how should it look like that’s why they don’t have questions to me. Great expercience to have fake ID card, do it if you need a little more freedom, guys!

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Oregon is a state of the USA in the North-West of the country. Oregon has a coastline on the Pacific Ocean. This state ranks in the 9th place by area and the 27th in population that is about 4 million residents. Salem is the capital of the state. The largest and most visited city is Portland. The official nickname of Oregon is “The Beaver State”. The state motto is: “She flies with her own wings”. Oregon is considered a socially progressive state, as same-sex marriages were fully legalized in 2015, and cannabis is legal for certain purposes, such as recreational and medical reasons.

Despite such liberal lifestyle regarding cannabis using, the minimum drinking age in Oregon is 21. This legal age was established in 1984 by the U.S. government in compliance with the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. So the U.S. youth are not allowed consuming and purchasing alcohol until the age of 21. However, there are said to be some exceptions that override these restrictions on special occasions. As for young people of Oregon, they are very lucky in this way, since they have more liberal laws regarding underage alcohol drinking. The Oregon law allows minors to take and buy alcoholic beverages while they are in non-alcohol private location and with the consent of their parents or the legal age relatives.

Anyway, the underage youth are prohibited from drinking alcohol on weekends and friends’ meetings, as well as to go out together. Young people at the age of 17 – 20 years old are known to be easy-going and active in everything. All minors around the world are free to drink and purchase alcohol from 18. Therefore, the American youth seem to be outsiders, since they have to wait much longer. That is completely unfair.

Thus, IDGod have decided to produce fake IDs for underage young people only on purpose to let them follow today’s lifestyle. Sometimes, they need to be a part of the nightlife even if they do not like to go out. Others love parties; they cannot imagine their life without hanging out. Our company makes top-quality and 100%scannable fake IDs for them, who crave freedom! Our customers have already got freed themselves by ordering fake IDs on our website.

Oregon has a lot of pretty good places for friends’ meetings, dancing parties, drinking games and so on. If you prefer not to have a drink at home but to go out during weekends or holidays, check out some really cool places that we’ve found for you: the McMenamins Kennedy School bar, the Domaine Serene Wine Lounge at Sentinel bar, the Darcelle’s XV bar. McMenamins Kennedy School Bar has an outstanding selection of drinks and good food. Use your fake ID to get into this dope place. Good luck!

McMenamins Kennedy School Bar

Location: 5736 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211-7302
Working hours: Sun – Sat 11:00 AM – 2:AM


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